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Nyoko Full-Length Wall Mirror


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Shape: Rectangular
Diamond Crush Bezel
Premium Quality Glass
Full Length Wall Mirror
Dimension: w 70 x D 5 x H 160

Nyoko Full Length Wall Mirror

Our Nyoko Full Length Wall Mirror is a charming piece of furniture that can add sophistication touch to any living room or bedroom. It is made from high-quality material and its unique design add elegant look in your room.


Full Length Mirrors and shimmering pools of silent observation capture the transient interplay of light and shadow. They can reveal and hide, reflecting our external selves and muttering secrets from the heart. Past and present meet within their depths, echoing the passage of time imprinted across our features. Mirrors serve as windows into other worlds where a single action has the power to change our story completely. They are like gateways to other realms. Full Length Mirrors are something other than windows into the real essence of things; they act as a consistent wake-up call that the most genuine reflection is not in the image reflected in reverse but rather in the profundities of the heart and soul.


Full Length Mirrors are something beyond intelligent surfaces; they are extraordinary plan components that impact the appearance and usefulness of our living spaces. Mirrors are essential for making an even and outwardly engaging climate, whether used as large materials to improve light and volume or as painstakingly made accents to add character. A lively character is established on an identity worth, which we develop by tolerating our defects and valuing our ethics. Thus, hug the mirror not in search of approval but rather in celebration of the unique and lovely person you are.


Here at MiHOMEUK, we take great care in carefully selecting a wide variety of Full Length Mirrors to meet a wide range of tastes, needs, and aesthetics. We have the ideal mirror to realise your vision, whether it’s a statement piece for your living room that will spark conversations. Because of our unrelenting dedication to quality, every mirror is made from the highest-grade materials, ensuring unmatched durability and timeless beauty. You deserve the best for your reflection, and MiHOMEUK has the ideal Full Length Mirrors to ensure that happens.

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Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 70 × 5 × 160 cm


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