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Greek Vector LED Table Mirror


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Colour: Silver
Shape: Round
360 Degree Rotation
Material: Acrylic Crystal
Three Touch Screen Buttons

Greek Vector LED Table Mirror:

Mirrors have a strong attraction beyond simply reflecting our image. They catch ephemeral moments, providing windows into other realities, and encouraging introspection. Mirrors bring richness and dimension to our lives by serving as a reminder of both the world outside and the one inside, whether they are functional tools or enthralling artwork. Greek Vector LED Table Mirror are unique in the personal care industry because they provide a designated area for grooming and introspection. Vanity mirrors with lights are necessary for anyone who wants a well-lit, magnified image while doing makeup, grooming, or hairstyle. Their size and adjustable features typically name them.


Investing in a vanity mirror improves your daily routine and helps you create a space specifically for self-care. It’s not just about vanity. It’s about the charm and sophistication that a vanity mirror brings. Many reasons justify the need for a vanity table mirror in your house. A perfect, polished surface can be consistently achieved with lighting and magnification. With a vanity mirror, the vanity will remain organised and easily accessible if you set aside a specific area for your cosmetics and other necessities. Posing in your best light makes you feel confident and gives you more freedom to express yourself with style and makeup. We at MiHOMEUK offer a carefully chosen range of vanity mirrors to accommodate various demands and preferences.


We provide a variety of vanity mirror designs to suit every taste, from sleek and contemporary with integrated lighting to timeless and sophisticated looks. Your vanity mirror will be a treasured and sturdy addition to your house for many years to come, thanks to our dedication to quality. Explore our collection now to find the ideal vanity mirror and home furniture to improve your self-care ritual and enlighten your beauty regimen.


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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 10 × 52 cm


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