Delta 3 Piece Oak Bedroom Set


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Elegant Design
Two Door wardrobe
Colour: Sonoma Oak
Weight: Approx 70 kg
Material: Engineered Wood


See your haven, a bedroom where sleep finds comfort and dreams come to life. Imagine moonlight shimmering across our contemporary Delta 3 Piece Oak Bedroom Set surfaces, each one a monument to tasteful minimalism. Your room should be something other than a spot to rest; it should be a safe home. A shelter where tensions evaporate, and dreams take off.

Not only do we offer bedroom sets, but we create a harmonious sleep environment where comfort and quality coexist together. Imagine modern bedroom sets that glide as smoothly as a virtuoso’s bow, whispering secrets of long-forgotten memories.  We are proud to provide the greatest bedroom sets in the UK at MiHOMEUK.

Beyond only bedroom sets, MiHOMEUK offers more. We are your one-stop shop for establishing a peaceful refuge. Uncover luxurious bedding that envelops your skin in softness and elevates your sleeping environment. Make your bedroom a symphony of comfort, style, and restful sleep with MiHOMEUK.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 79 × 53 × 179 cm


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