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Dark Mirrored Tissue


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Mirrored Finish
Colour: Dark Grey
Shape: Rectangular
Weight: Approx 1kg
Elegant Home Decor
Premium Quality Product


The functional tissue box will no longer detract from the harmonious design of your space! Tissue box holders are generally restricted to the category of commonplace home objects, yet they have discovered ways to enter the literary world. Dark Mirrored Tissue Box acquire significance beyond their utilitarian function that mirror your feelings.

The best materials are used to create MiHOMEUK’s tissue box holders, which are all examples of long-lasting excellence. There is a tissue box cover in our collection to match every decor style thanks to its wide variety of styles. It’s never been simpler to turn your home into an elegant retreat than with MiHOMEUK.

Beyond simply holding tissue paper holder, MiHOMEUK is more. We cordially invite you to discover a world where home goods whisper tales, lighting creates moods, and furniture becomes an expression of your personality. Your home is more than just a gathering of items when you shop at MiHOMEUK.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 25 × 10 cm


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