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Cadby Large 4 Drawer Bedside


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With 4 Drawers
Mirrored Finish
Best For Bedroom
Sleek And Modern Design
Easy Gliding Drawer Runners


Bedside tables are the silent watchmen of your dream world, where secrets hum from concealed drawers and moonlight dances across polished surfaces. Imagine a calm evening with a moonlit sonata, with the only sound being the soft ticking of a clock on your white bedside table. Isn’t it amazing? 


MiHOMEUK crafts each bedside table with the painstaking attention to detail of a virtuoso, and its drawers glide open like the fluid notes of a masterful concerto. Our Cadby Large 4 Drawer Bedside serve as the silent defenders of your nightstand symphony in addition to being useful for storage.


The melody doesn’t stop there, though. Discover our vast collection of furniture sets in the UK each piece woven with the promise of a beautiful home. Find statement lights that add finishing touches to your room that are a reflection of your style. Allow every component of your bedroom to become a tribute to peace with MiHOMEUK.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 68 × 49.5 × 88.5 cm


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